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ImmunoClin Corporation (IMCL) Announces the Appointment of Computing Systems Specialist and Entrepreneur, Mr. Railton Frith, to the Company's Scientific Advisory Board

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ImmunoClin Corporation (IMCL) is a U.S. healthcare company specializing in personalized medicine. ImmunoClin's DACTELLIGENCE™ technology is a newly patented concept in bio-sensing with a potential to challenge state-of-the-art detection platforms in multiple diagnostic fields. DACTELLIGENCE™ is expected to deliver pure electronic point-of-care devices capable of rapid detection while simultaneously processing data.  The Company is pleased to welcome Mr. Railton Frith, an inventor of DACTELLIGENCE technology, to the Company's Scientific Advisory Board.

"Given the advancements made in the science and discovery of novel electronic and medical technologies, we are pleased to enlist Mr. Frith's expertise to join the race to revolutionize smart, electronic bio-sensing which holds incredible potential to benefit patients throughout the globe," said Mr. J. Scott Munro, CFO of ImmunoClin Corporation.

Mr. Frith led the team of professionals that designed the DACTELLIGENCE™ technology and has recently assigned his portion of the ownership to ImmunoClin.  He was a founding member of the pioneering network company Zynar/Nestar Systems formed in the Silicon Valley by the Rank Organization. 

As an independent expert, Mr. Firth has worked for a number of banks and financial institutes, including Barclays Bank, Bank Austria/Creditanstalt, Lloyds of London, Fimat/Societe Generale, and National Girobank. In addition, Mr. Frith has also been directly involved in delivering large-scale high volume information systems for The Book Service/Random House Group, the world's largest English language trade publisher and for clinical institutions like The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

"DACTELLIGENCE is a 'disruptive' technology," stated Mr. Frith, "and I look forward to working with ImmunoClin; our work to date has already identified large number of future uses, from multiple industrial applications to rapid infection detection and assessment of genetic profiles."

About ImmunoClin Corporation
ImmunoClin Corporation is a healthcare company with European headquarters in London, United Kingdom and laboratories in central Paris, France.  ImmunoClin concentrates its innovation on developing personalized, preventive strategies to fight inflammatory conditions that are the underlying cause of pathologies in multiple conditions affecting the majority of the human population:  infections, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

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